Zildjian ZBT Starter Cymbal Set

  •  beginner’s choice: The perfect cymbal choice for beginners and student drummers. Quality Bronze cymbals at an amazing price
  • top notch quality: learn and explore all styles – pop, rock, jazz and more – with ZBT. The Zildjian ZBT cymbal pack tops off your drum kit with a bright shimmer
  • perfect Combination: A bright, high-pitched sound that cuts through easily in all playing situations. Get a clean and penetrating sound of 13″ Zbt Hi Hats, explosive impact of 14″ Zbt Crash, and the lively stick definition and cutting bell of an 18″ Zbt Crash Ride
  • Great value: make serious music at a great value for your money. Crafted of B8 alloy, ZBT cymbals provide a bright cutting sound that’s ready to go from the practice room to the Gig
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